time for Ai-frica

The theme for the Varsity Film Expo 2023 is ‘Time for Aifrica: Leveraging Ai to accelerate films for sustainable development’.

AI has the potential to play a significant role in creating more effective and impactful films about sustainable development goals. By helping filmmakers to identify and target the right audiences, create personalised experiences for viewers, and showcase sustainable solutions, AI can help to raise awareness of the SDGs and inspire people to take action to achieve them.

The theme supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals for a better world. The theme is in line with Agenda 2063, Africa’s master plan to achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth and development by the year 2063.

how to leverage ai to accelerate film for sustainable development:

Ai Audience profiling and targeting

AI can be used to identify and target the right audiences. By analysing data on social media, search trends, and other sources, AI can help filmmakers to identify the people who are most likely to be interested in their films about the SDGs. This allows filmmakers to target their marketing and distribution efforts more effectively, ensuring that their films reach the people who need to see them most.

Ai scene simulation

AI can be used to create more realistic and engaging simulations of complex problems. For example, AI can be used to create simulations of climate change, poverty, and other global challenges. These simulations can help viewers to better understand the complex problems that the SDGs are addressing.

Film Production Automation

AI can be used to automate tasks such as editing, colour grading, and sound mixing. This can free up filmmakers to focus on the creative aspects of filmmaking and can make it possible to produce films on a tighter budget. This reduces the cost of film production.

Immersive Ai Experiences

AI can be used to create personalised experiences for viewers. AI-powered subtitles and closed captions can make films more accessible to viewers with disabilities and to viewers who speak different languages. AI can also be used to create interactive experiences that allow viewers to engage with the film in a more meaningful way.

Sustainable Solutions

AI can be used to showcase sustainable solutions and best practices. For example, AI can be used to create films that highlight the work of organisations and individuals who are working to achieve the SDGs. These films can inspire viewers to take action to support sustainable development efforts in their own communities.

Democratisation of Film

AI can be used to create tools and resources that make it easier for people to learn about filmmaking and to produce their own films. This can help to democratise the filmmaking process and to give people from all backgrounds a voice. This makes filmmaking more accessible to people from all backgrounds.



The purpose of the awards is to recognise and reward the efforts of outstanding participants. The awards are meant to boost the confidence of student filmmakers, build their credibility, reputation and form a foundation to stand on as they set out to start their careers.


The short film screenings are an opportunity for varsity students to connect with audiences. Through showcasing their work, they get to educate, entertain and grow their brands. The screenings enhance visibility and provide a marketing platform for the student filmmakers.


The essay contest challenges university students to use their writing skills to contribute articles that extended knowledge, stimulate critical thinking, foster theoretical debate and add to Africa’s academic repository. The essays are published in a book.


The Varsity Film Expo speaking sessions include keynote speeches, panel discussions, presentations and seminars. The speaking sessions are meant to share new information, share experiences and encounters and provide a platform for networking,


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