About VFX2023

The Varsity Film Expo, is an annual event for emerging content creators in ‘varsity’. The event which celebrates film and filmmaking at universities features film screenings, speaking sessions, workshops, exhibitions and awards for outstanding productions. 

Time for Ai-frica

The theme for the Varsity Film Expo 2023 is ‘Time for Aifrica: Leveraging Ai to accelerate film for sustainable development’. The theme supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals for a better world. The theme is in line with Agenda 2063, Africa’s master plan to achieve inclusive and sustainable economic growth and development by the year 2063. Film is a powerful and effective medium for raising awareness and motivating community action towards Sustainable Development Goals. The Varsity Film Expo puts critical SDG issues in the limelight and stimulates conversations and dialogue around them.

This year’s edition of Varsity Film Expo celebrates the intersection of art and technology, showcasing the most innovative and inspiring films and content powered by artificial intelligence. The Varsity Film Expo aims to foster creativity, collaboration, and education, and to inspire a new generation of filmmakers and storytellers to embrace AI as a powerful tool for expression.

AI has the potential to play a significant role in creating more effective and impactful films about sustainable development goals. By helping filmmakers to identify and target the right audiences, create personalised experiences for viewers, and showcase sustainable solutions, AI can help to raise awareness of the SDGs and inspire people to take action to achieve them.


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